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HTML5 Interactivity

Before the advent of the smart phone and tablet, all of our interactive content was created using Adobe Flash. However when Apple effectively killed Flash by refusing to run it on the iPhone or iPad we were forced to adapt to a new reality.

Today we utilise the latest HTML5 and JavaScript technologies to create media-rich interactivity that can be deployed across all modern desktop and mobile platforms. The methodology we employ enables us to “develop once, deploy many”. In other words, we create one piece of code that can be accessed through a web browser on any device, just like a standard website. However, we also have the ability to output the same code as a native application for Apple, Windows or Android mobile devices.

Our new methodology is the perfect platform for creating Educational Interactivity. It allows us to utilise all that is good about the web, while drawing on our years of interactive learning experience.

HTML5 and JavaScript power the functionality through which we deliver educational content. Our interactive websites and applications are conceived and developed entirely by the Eyesparks team in conjunction with the client. To deliver this service we;

  • define learning objectives
  • map content ideas to learning styles and objectives
  • brainstorm and sketch
  • write design documentation
  • produce a technical wireframe
  • write an audio/visual script
  • storyboard interactivity and animation
  • generate HD quality graphics
  • record broadcast quality audio
  • create or source background music
  • generate interactive framework from the Eyesparks Gaming Engine
  • develop bespoke functionality for original content
  • integrate all of the above using HTML5 and JavaScript libraries
  • test and output to relevant platforms and devices.

User testing is a vital element of our development process. At every stage of production, proposed designs are tested with a sample group from the target audience. This helps us meet pedagogical objectives while retaining user engagement.

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