Eyesparks web design

What we do

Eyesparks plan, design, develop and deliver interactive projects that engage and influence your users.

We service a wide variety of ambitious organisations, particularly those with a complex message to convey. The majority of our clients are Small to Medium Enterprises, Charities and Software companies.

Website Design and Build

Website design has been a core aspect of what we do since our inception in 2002. We will design your website to target the people who matter most to you and encourage them to interact with your organisation. All of our websites work exceptionally well across a multitude of platforms and browsers are highly visible to major search engines.


UX and UI Design

People expect to be able to navigate without having to think too much. We think a lot about this, so they don’t have to! We know that users hate feeling lost or confused, which is why we pride ourselves on our logical, intuitive User Interface and User Experience design.


Web Applications

More and more organisations have software applications at the heart of what they do and want to make that functionality available to their customers via the web. We design and build Web Applications that help extend capability and optimise efficiency.


Our Favourite Technologies

  • Pencil and Paper
  • PHP
  • CreateJS
  • WebGL
  • Adobe Creative Suite