Eyesparks web design

Web Apps

We develop business and educational applications that help people get things done.

Many organisations want to use the web to run an element of their enterprise. We develop bespoke applications that help customers increase profitability by extending their reach to a more international audience and by improving production efficiencies. We help them do this by developing bespoke applications that can be accessed through their website. These web apps range from simple survey tools through to bespoke data collection and visualising interfaces.

A well-designed web app can be accessed through a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices. Most of our web applications offer front-end functionality to the user and back-end management facilities for the client. The application is usually fully integrated with the website so the client has one easy-to-learn management interface.

Examples of web applications we have developed include; bespoke tailoring mobile measurements system, wheel of life self-assessment tool, capital allowances tax calculator and private members’ classifieds network.

Case Study - Eighty20 Focus

Eighty20 Focus provide financial coaching to individual business leaders and their teams. We developed a corporate website and two web applications to help them deliver those services. VIEW LIVE PROJECT