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We will create a website that works for you. We are equally skilled at both design and development which means your website will look beautiful and deliver on your goals.

We have always designed our websites to work well across a multitude of platforms and browsers. We have been designing mobile-friendly websites since the late “noughties” which has stood our clients in good stead, with the swing towards mobile browsing and recent change to the Google algorithm.

Today it is essential to provide your users with a mobile responsive web experience. Which means that, no matter what the device your website will accommodate it and deliver the best possible experience to the user. However, adjusting a website to a particular screen resolution is only part of our responsive solution.

People browse the web differently when they use a tablet or a smart phone. Apart from the fact that they control their experience using touch, they are also much more likely to navigate through a website’s content rather than using “traditional” navigation buttons. Also, on a handheld device, there is less screen space to present content and often a much slower Internet access speed which means the mobile site needs to be optimised both for download and reading purposes.

Every web project we deliver is hosted and maintained by the Eyesparks team. Our clients benefit from our ever expanding knowledge of responsive web design so they keep their site performance is optimised and stay ahead of their competition.

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