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We tightly integrate with software development teams to briefly extend their skill-set and help them create more satisfying experiences for their users. The majority of our UX and UI projects are on applications where usability has been overcome by complex functionality.

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Key indicators that you might need our help with UX and UI.

We have worked with many software teams over the years. Here are a few common issues that indicate you may need our help:

  • You spend a lot of time on support calls with customers.
  • You know your functionality is cutting-edge but your interface looks dated.
  • It is a major project every time you want to add new functionality.
  • Various elements of your product were created by different teams and you suspect it is inconsistent.
  • Your application is covered with icons that only you fully understand.
  • You are losing customers to a rival product that is functionally inferior.
  • You are struggling to attract investment or exit your business.

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Eyesparks is dedicated to user-centred design. Our process ensures we create designs that meet the needs and expectations of your target audience.

Our Approach


Conduct analysis of current product.


Competitor comparisons, quality exemplars, UI/UX trend analyses.


Profile key users and the tasks they will complete.


Structure the front-end draft designs based on user needs and expectations.


User Test experience through multiple design iterations.


Final styling created and documented for easy implementation.

What our Clients say

Eyesparks transformed our interface and user experience. They helped us make FarmWizard look as good it works. As soon as we launched the new front-end there was a noticeable change in how our product was perceived by our customers.

Terry Canning, FarmWizard

The guys at Eyesparks really got what we were trying to achieve. This is the second time we worked with them on a project and they delivered both times. Looking forward to another collaboration soon.

Conor Wogan, TestingPays

Eyesparks integrate very well into our team. They have a very logical approach to the design, which we like, and are obsessed with the user experience. They look after the entire visual side leaving us to focus on delivering functionality.

Liam Jordan, ICONI Software

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