Eyesparks web design

Digital Learning

Education is deeply embedded into our design thinking and culture.

Eyesparks are experts at creating engaging learning content. Over the last decade our team has developed educational interactivities and games for students of every age from Pre-School right up to Adult Learners.

Early Years and Primary

For younger students computers, tablets and phones are a natural way to play and learn.

Pre-school and Key Stage 1 and 2 children love our rich illustrative style and quirky sense of humour. Our instructional designers ensure education is to the fore in all of our games, puzzles and interactivities.



At secondary level young people become more demanding in terms of what they expect from their learning experiences.

They are much more cognitively aware and so the pretence of graphically immersive environments gives way to explicit learning tools and techniques.


Tertiary and Corporate

Adult learners tend to require in-depth explanations of complex topics.

We create mini-sites that collate rich animated interactive visualisations, video, written content and other relevant tools to expand on what is already available elsewhere on the web.

Our multi-media interactive design skills have helped a wide range of clients achieve their business and educative goals. Complex product offerings, technical selling messages, staff training and bespoke customer ordering systems have all been de-mystified and explained by our team.