Eyesparks web design

Gamified Learning

We create browser-based gamified learning experiences that can be played on any device.

We build interactive web applications that engage and motivate learners of every age from Pre-Schoolers right up to Adults. We create gamified learning as a bespoke design service or by customising our pre-designed templates. We deliver this as a service directly to customers and as a sub-contractor to other e-learning development teams.

Why Gamify?

For younger students computers, tablets and phones are a natural way to play and learn.

Millennials expect to learn through play and exploration. Gamified learning provides the sort of digital experiences they enjoy at home but with intrinsic educational value. Motivators such as challenge, levels, consequences, feedback and competition increase the replay-ability of gamified learning.


Rapid Gamified Learning

We have a huge range of templates that will enable you to rapidly create gamified learning experiences.

Create learning applications with the minimum of input from Eyesparks or engage our team to help tailor the functionality to your project needs.


Bespoke Design

At Eyesparks we have all the skills and experience to offer a full bespoke, end-to-end, design and development service.

We work with you to fully understand your project, the learning objectives and your learners. then we design and develop a gamified product that works for you.


Integrated Collaboration

We use all of the above to design and create the prototype and templates for a game that will then be replicated many times by your development team.

We are happy to collaborate on Gamification Consultation, Game Design, Graphic Design, UX Design, Game Development and Prototype Development.