Eyesparks web design

Why Gamify?

Gamified Learning is a natural evolution for e-learning. Well-crafted gamification provides a learning experience that is engaging, motivating and fun for students. It is not simply about tagging badges on to traditional interactive courses. Gamified Learning increases engagement levels among learners which improves recall and information retention.


We harness the power of imagination to engage younger users. Our development team of illustrators, animators, sound technicians and graphic designers create educational materials that engage the senses and are reflective of the high production values our children expect.


Our instructional designers pack our products with informative content that is aligned with educational objectives. Our process always examines incidental learning opportunities resulting in rich content that assists with the personal, social and emotional development of younger learners.


We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what interactive learning can achieve. We create environments that provide opportunities for visual, aural, read/write and kinaesthetic learners. When these materials are put into the hands of skilled teachers all kinds of new ideas are sparked in the classroom and beyond.