Eyesparks web design

Integrated Collaboration

Eyesparks often acts as the gamification specialists to other e-learning development teams. We can integrate effectively with your wider team and enjoy the collaborative process.

Consultation and Design

We actively work with your team to review projects and on game ideation. We produce design and technical documents to guide the development of your gamified learning. We can produce the graphic elements of the gamified experience your in-house is developing. We review and improve the User Experience for an existing learning application or advise and collaborate with your team on new projects.


Game Development

We can lead the development element of a gamified learning experience. Our development team have many years of experience building fast-loading interactive games using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. We are comfortable collaborating with your educators, graphic artists, audio engineers and project managers.

Prototype Development

We use all of the above to design and create the prototype and templates for a game that will then be replicated many times by your development team.