Eyesparks web design

Why am I not first place on Google?

This is a common question asked by website owners and I can answer that quite simply. Your website isn’t good enough to be no1.

Search Engines such as Google don’t owe anybody a position in their search rankings. Top positions can shift on a regular basis as websites update with fresh content which may be more or less relevant to your search query. Every position is up for grabs.

Many unethical SEO companies guarantee a #1 position which nobody can guarantee. They use aggressive techniques aimed at increasing your ranking but which Google disapprove of and therefore may compromise your inclusion in the search.

At Eyesparks we consider search engine optimisation (SEO) at every step of designing and creating a website. This is done by using proven, ethical techniques to push your webpage into the top rankings for your target keywords. The simplest but most important techniques that we use are:

  • writing appropriate website content without overusing keywords
  • using simple navigation and features which search engines can follow
  • ensure quality links point to your site which avoid fast link schemes