Eyesparks web design

New website for East Belfast Physio Clinic and Pilates Studio

We are very pleased to launch the new website for Physio Works NI, one of the best regarded Physiotherapy Clinics in Belfast.

Web design Process perfectly suited to Physio Clinic’s needs

We have been working with Debbie and the gang since the turn of the year to gain a deep understanding of their services and the customers they treat. Our user-centred design process has meant that the website could be tailored to the very specific needs of their customers base.

The customers and team at Physio Works Belfast completed an exhaustive set of user profile questionnaires that we were able to use to better understand the user profile of their clientele. We discovered that they had a slightly older client-base than we had initially estimated who mainly accessed the website using their mobile phone.

We designed the website on a “mobile first” basis to ensure the best possible experience for these users. We also increased the size of text and contract of colours to help with usability. Finally we also organised a photo shoot to capture the friendly atmosphere customers had commented on.

As a very highly respected Physio in Belfast, we were delighted to work with Debbie and her team at Physio Works. Since launching the site we are pleased to report enquiries have increased. This is as a direct result of improvements in the usability of the website and the competitiveness of the site in terms of Google search returns.