Eyesparks web design

We create your interactive content

The web allows your customers to interact with you – we make that interaction fun.

It is no coincidence that our new logo is a happy face with a twinkle in its eye. In Eyesparks we have fun everyday creating the interactive elements to our customers’ websites. It’s the little details that make the user experience so rewarding and our job so enjoyable.

Interactivity does not have to be purely graphical. Being able to leave a comment on an interesting article is interactive. Allowing customers to fill out their own testimonials is interactive too. And any participation in Twitter means you are interacting with an entire online community. However when most people think of interactivity they really are thinking about the application of rich media and animation such as;

  • interactive presentations
  • e-learning modules
  • video interviews
  • animated invitations
  • video interviews
  • pod casts
  • interactive quizzes
  • animated interfaces

We have the facilities in our Belfast studio to create stunning interactive pieces that will set you apart from your competition and impress your customers. Why don’t you call us and arrange to pop in to see the set up, we love showing people around.

It used to take 60 A4 pages to explain the technology behind our socks now a 20 minute online training module created by Eyesparks educates all our new staff anywhere around the globe.

Carolyn Dunn, Bridgedale Outdoors Limited