Eyesparks web design

Pencil Mightier than the Mac

While working on the testimonials for this website I had a flick through our old sketch pads. Since forming Eyesparks I’ve insisted that our designers keep a sketch pad and archive it when complete. So we have most of our day-to-day sketches for every job since 2002. It was interesting reading these visual diaries. As I flicked through my own set I noticed how the ratio of meeting notes to sketches has increased over the years and I began to lament the fact that I don’t get to do as much sketching as I used to. As I thought about this I realised that as a designer you go through spells of having to relearn the basics. This often occurs when you’ve had to learn a new skill or relearn an old skill (usually when Adobe decides to change everything in the latest version of their software).

So in our production meeting this morning I reminded everyone that the most powerful tool in our armoury is the pencil. Ideas are less precious and people are more open to criticism and collaboration if they’re only looking at sketches. Let’s hope software manufacturers never get into pencil production – I don’t want to have to relearn how to operate Pencil 2.0!