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Medevol photoshop retouching

studioAn appropriate quality photograph on your web page can be the difference between the user escaping immediately from a bland site and an outstanding web design which draws them into the rest of your content. For Medevol Clinical Services we came up with the idea of creating an image of a tablet fizzing in water, branded with their corporate “M” symbol.

Step 1 – Shopping

Our first task was to go shopping in Belfast chemists for a soluble tablet that achieved the correct amount of effervescence without creating a cloudy haze. This led us purchasing a wide variety of tablets including baby bottle sterilisers, denture cleaners, cystitis relief, vitamin tablets, Paracetomol, Aspirin and Alka Seltzer with which to experiment back in the studio.

Step 2 – Testing

colouredtabletsThe Denture tablets dissolved into flaky cloudy mess while the alka seltzer erupted into a mass of huge bubbles as soon it touched the water and the rest weren’t much better. The winner turned out to be the cheapest 49p Boots Aspirin tablets. They dissolved very gently with enough small and clear bubbles.

 Step 3 – Set up Studio

Our downstairs studio has ample space and light to photograph pretty much anything from Irish dancers to fizzy tablets in water.

 Step 4 – Getting the right shot

fizzAfter much experimentation with large glass vases and different lighting options we finally purchased a clear fish tank and reflected light from a white board through the tank to set the best atmosphere. In order to capture the fast rising bubbles in detail we used a high speed shutter and flash sync.

 Step 5 – Photoshop Brand Identity

Using Photoshop we bleached the background out, removed the thread, gave the tablets and bubble a purple tint and Logo for Branding purposes.

2012 Update: Medevol Clinical Services was recently purchased by Venn Life Sciences.