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Your brand is not You. It is what your customer perceives You to be. We help our clients see themselves through their customers eyes.

We distil the essence of your ideal customer perception and pour it into your visual identity. When I say ‘visual identity’ I don’t just mean your logo, I mean every aspect of how your brand is represented visually to your audience.

I’ll outline how we approach a branding project:

  • Understand the product/service
  • Understand the target market
  • Build a profile for each identifiable group within the target market
  • Analyse the market to understand where this brand can fit in relation to competitors and the customers’ perception of them
  • Create brand statements for each identified group within the target market – ie “what this brand means to me”
  • Create logo options that will satisfy all or some of the target audience
  • Present logos in conjunction with visualisations of the brand statements
  • Agree how the brand should move forward and what changes, if any, the client company needs to make to their culture in order to fit their new brand
  • Apply the new brand across all visual media
  • Produce guidelines to ensure brand consistency going forward

Almost every project we undertake in our Belfast design studio involves some aspect of branding. Are a few great examples of branding projects on our website but one that benefited from the above methodology is Outdoor Scene.