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Elevation Number 2 on Google

Elevation Search Result on Google

In October of last year we were excited to announce that Elevation Design had reached  the top 3 Google listings for the search term “Irish Dancing Dresses”. Well, they have n0w reached Number 2 on Google.com (US).

“Irish Dancing Dresses” is the most searched term in their sector so it was imperitative that we move them up the listings from page 10 on Google in 2008 to where they are today. How was this done? A significant factor was changing them from a .co.uk domain to the Irish .ie domain. We also created a “Featured Dress” widget that fans of Elevation can place on their site or Facebook page which links back to the Elevation hompeage. However their Google position has mainly improved because of the good Search Engine Optimisation infrastructure the site provides. This means that with relevant, interesting and popular articles being added to the site regularly, the search engines view them favourably as a good source of content in their field.

So while Eyesparks would love to take all the credit a big “Well Done” needs to be shouted out to the customer for taking on our advice and then acting on it until the results paid off.

Before we met the guys at Eyesparks we were doing the same amount of work on our website but it was not having the desired effect on the Search Engines. They really helped us improve our traffic and more significantly our sales.

Jackie Kennedy, Elevation Design.