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Apple Killing Flash

There are two companies I really miss. The first is Macromedia what a nice, cuddly, friendly, helpful, user friendly bunch they were. Both created products that made web design easier and web experiences richer. The second is Apple. The underdog competitor to PC who built better machines that just worked but struggled to get beyond the niche market share of design and print.

Macromedia was swallowed up by Adobe years ago and their products are now part of an over priced bundle supplied by a faceless corporation that makes no effort to be loved by their customers.

Apple do everything to be loved by their customers but are now the biggest kid in the playground and cant resist bullying anyone that gets in their way. Hence they have given Adobe a bloody nose by refusing to support Flash for the iPhone or iPad.

This is an interesting turn of events. Who are the early adopters for MAC products? Designers. Who loved using Flash? Designers. Im typing this blog on my new iPad and I stopped using Flash completely when I discovered it didnt show up on the iPhone. So Apple have killed Flash and at the minute there is no easy way to create interactive animations for websites viewed on an iPhone or iPad. Does this mean there is a space for a new piece of Apple software to fill that gap? Or will they just gobble up Adobe and make them loveable again? Time will tell.